Streamlined Installation

Energy Releaf helps roofing and solar contractors lower their installation costs by providing visually appealing, plug & play, energy revenue-producing, best-value solar cladding products that can be installed with minimal electrician support.


What problems does our product solve?

Rising Energy Costs

Increased energy demand and prices impact consumers and businesses.

Carbon Emissions

Environmental impact due to high carbon footprints of energy production.

Roof Penetrations and Structural Issues of Traditional Solar Panels and Racking

Structural vulnerabilities and roof penetrations can increase maintenance costs and compromise building safety.

Increasing Permitting, Interconnection, and Labor Soft Costs

Rising costs related to permits, grid connections, and non-technical labor intensify project expenses and timelines.

Constructability Concerns

Complex site conditions and regulatory hurdles impact the feasibility and execution of construction projects.

Jurisdictional Biases v. Energy Self-determination

Local regulatory biases can hinder the adoption of independent energy solutions and self-sufficiency.


Our Solution: BIPV Cladding

50 Year Cladding: interlocking, overlapping, thermo-conductive, high refractive index

  • Energy Shakes (NEC 690.12 compliant arrays, touch-safe connectors).
  • Aesthetic Shakes for richest full roof look (slate, cedar, elan)
  • Transitional Shakes for cost saving integration with asphalt composite, others

Micro Inverter: installed with Cladding

  • Climate Controlled, readily accessible by electricians and inspectors
  • Integrated energy storage for grid ride through and peak management

Interconnection Module: 3phase or single/split

  • NEC 702 Optional Standby System (default)
  • Integrated AC Disconnect
  • Critical Load Serving (Off-grid or islanding)
  • DIY friendly for off-grid applications (touch-safe, pre-wired receptacles)

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Reserve your spot for early access in 2025 to the Exodus – our newest building-integrated hybrid micro inverter. Patent pending, No. 63/609,892.

Our Team

Our team combines 90 years of experience across solar power, construction, and training. Comprising leading solar community members and startup veterans, our partners and advisors include experts in solar electronics, microgrid engineering, BIPV construction, and business development.

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